Quite a challenging ride. around 2500ft of climb, with a finish down Cavedale MTB descent. One of the hardest routes in the Peak District.
Leaving Castleton head up the “Broken Road” this is the remnants of a public road that literally slid down a hill. From the top its a little tarmac to Mam Nick carpark, there is generally a coffee/butty van there, so grab a snack.
The climb up to lords seat is long, just get your head down and feel proud when you get to the top. Rushup Edge though, DCC tried to ruin it, ignore that, its a blast, from the road turn left and get tucked, your gonna hit 45mph. Turn left at Perryfoot and grind up the grey stuff until the BW with Eldon Quarry on the right, this will take you to the Limestone way if you keep going, but, at the top of the quarry take the BW on the right, known as Sheep Shit Field, its a fun mile or so. Around Watts Plantation, through the farm and turn left. Through the million pound houses and pick up the bottom of Oxlow Rake. About a km later you will find yourself on Old Moor, turn left and that really is the last time you will turn, after 500m you cross the Limestone Way and your on the grassy meadow that tops Cavedale, enjoy this moment, it gets harder.
A couple of gates later, and you get to THE GATE. Cavedale itself. What can i say, speed is your friend, either keep moving, and be confident, or hike a bike down. If you clean it, pat yourself on the back. Even trying it will be the first time you get hikers and walkers cheering congratulations.

Feel good, you just did something cool.

Google maps link to the location https://maps.app.goo.gl/XMNF4g66LE3wrA1b7