Beginners Mountain bike skills

Fundamentals, Core Skills, The Basics.

Lets get those right.

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Conquer Mountain Bike Features with Confidence!

New to mountain biking and feeling nervous about tackling technical features? Everything Awesome’s technique workshops are designed to boost your confidence and transform your rides from tentative to thrilling!

This 2.5-hour, 10-mile session focuses on conquering those common obstacles that hold new riders back. You’ll learn how to navigate drops, rocks, and other features with smooth control, maximizing enjoyment and minimizing fear.

Our experienced instructor will provide personalized feedback on your technique, body position, and obstacle approach. They’ll identify areas for improvement and offer practical tips to eliminate bad habits and develop proper skills. This personalized approach ensures you leave with valuable knowledge you can put into practice on every ride.

The day begins with a quick bike check, ensuring your trusty steed is safe and ready for action. We’ll adjust your seat height and suspension sag for optimal performance (if needed). Remember, a safe bike is a happy bike!

Here’s what to bring:

  • Helmet and gloves (mandatory)
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Water and snacks
  • Positive attitude!

Important Notes:

  • This activity requires a reasonable level of fitness.
  • Cost: £30 (cash, PayPal, or bank transfer)
  • The instructor is fully insured, DBS checked, first-aid trained, and carries a comprehensive first-aid kit and tools for minor trailside repairs.

Ready to ditch the brakes, embrace the challenge, and unlock the full potential of mountain biking? Sign up for this workshop and watch your confidence soar!