Mountain Bike courses



Level Up Your Mountain Biking in the Peaks!

Conquer mountain biking with Confidence: Master Mountain Bike Skills!

Escape the Brake Blues: Master Mountain Biking in the Peak District

Feeling stuck in a braking rut on your Peak District adventures? Ditch the tentative stops and unlock the exhilarating flow of the trails with expert mountain bike coaching! My personalized courses, designed for riders of all levels, will transform your experience in this stunning landscape.

Many new riders find themselves battling speed anxiety, relying heavily on brakes, which stifles progress and enjoyment. These courses break them free! Through one-on-one instruction tailored to your needs, we’ll build your confidence and skill, allowing you to embrace the rush of the ride with focused control. Say goodbye to unnecessary braking and hello to the true flow of mountain biking!

I’ll be your personal guide on the path to mastery. Expect in-depth feedback on your technique, obstacle approach, and body positioning. You’ll learn valuable strategies to conquer common challenges, gaining practical tips that stick with you long after the course ends.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refine your existing skills, half-day or full-day sessions offer the perfect solution. Join me in the breathtaking Peak District and let’s transform your riding experience. Forget the brake blues – unlock the joy and flow of a truly connected mountain bike adventure!

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