Team building

Outdoor rock climbing as a team building adventure day is the ultimate in fun. it requires trust, communication, teamwork and courage. We start the session with introducing the basic climbing safety techniques your team will have the opportunity to climb a variety of fun and challenging climbs safe in the knowledge they are being supervised by our experienced instructors.

Our sessions are based in South Yorkshire but we are happy to travel for the right clients.
With sessions being either half days rock climbing experience a full day climbing course.

How can Rock Climbing benefit as a team building activity.
An outdoor rock climbing event is a great way for teams to learn and develop new skills.
They will step outside of the office environment into the unpredictable weather of the UK, while also getting to know each other a little better. The team will be coached into safely working together and the climber must trust the team members holding the ropes (also known as belaying) while the belayers must communicate with the climber to ensure they are feeling happy and safe.

The course will be tailored to the abilities of the group and everybody will be catered for and face a personal challenge.

By the end of the day everyone will have had lots of fun, learnt new skills, developed trust in each other and a renewed confidence in themselves.