Learn to Climb

Climbing walls are one of the easiest ways into climbing. They help you improve quickly and can also be great fun – whatever your climbing ambitions.

If you’ve never been to a climbing wall before, there are a few basic skills you will need to learn before being allowed to climb unsupervised. 

We offer an introductory course 3 hrs long, this will give you an insight to the process of safe belaying and knots, we recommend 2 of these sessions before you consider climbing unsupervised. Such sessions are one of the best ways to learn the ropes, and help ensure that climbing walls are as safe as possible for everyone.

We will show you crucial skills such as how to correctly put on a climbing harness, how to attach yourself to the rope, how to belay another climber and how to safely lower them to the ground once they’ve reached the top.

We will also cover warming up, basic climbing moves, how to use the different types of handhold and foothold, and how to use a bouldering wall. Equipment needed is provided.

Once you’ve shown that you can use the wall safely and that you understand the centre’s rules, you will be allowed to register to climb unsupervised. Unless you’re bouldering this means you’ll need a friend to climb with, but many walls will have sessions where you can meet other climbers. And once you’ve got used to climbing at one wall, you’ll also be able to register at hundreds of others, usually just by answering a few questions and signing a declaration that you are responsible for your own actions. 

These courses are maximum of 6 people, with the cost at £75 for 2. So you can bring a friend and learn together.

Please click on the contact button to ask about availability.