Learn to trad climb OUTDOORS!

Learn to Trad Climbing Course

Ready for a climbing adventure unlike any other? Trad climbing, the original way climbers tackled cliffs, takes you back to basics. Unlike sport climbing with pre-drilled bolts, trad climbing requires you to place your own protection as you ascend.

Imagine a climbing harness packed with strange metal tools – nuts, cams, and slings. These are your lifeline. You place them in cracks and features on the rock face, creating a safety net in case of a fall. Mastering trad climbing is a true test of skill and judgment, demanding a deep understanding of rock, gear placement, and route-finding. It’s a pure, adventurous climbing experience that connects you to the history and essence of the sport.

This two day course covers the basic skills of lead climbing trad routes, focussing on placing the items shown in the photo above for protection. Plus the skills to build safe and secure anchors.

With only a natural crag facing the climber the lead climber places his/her own protection in the rock, and the second climber follows up the same route and removes protection as they climb past, leaving nothing but their memories on the rockface.

The UK has a long history of trad climbing, there are many trad climbing areas in Wales, England and Scotland. Plus of course, the world has many stunning cliffs just waiting to be climbed.

This course is ran by a coach at the highest level of qualifications, with many decades of experience under his belt.

The course will have no more than 3 people on it per coach, and costs £220 per person. (please note this can’t run with only 1 as the skills need at least a 2nd person to practice with/on)

We also run a 1 day course, this is less detailed and may have up to 8 people but will set you on the road to trad discovery.
This course generally comes after our gym to crag session

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