Paediatric First Aid Courses.

First Aid training in the Paediatric sector has a regulatory requirement.

  • Paediatric Emergency First Aid (Unit 1)  
    6+hours.  Essential life-saving first aid for the baby and child care sector.
  • Paediatric First Aid Award (Unit 1 + Unit 2)
    12+hours.  Satisfies Ofsted requirements and meets Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines.

Paediatric First Aid Award

This two day course is for those who might have to identify and manage emergency situations or manage minor everyday occurrences when looking after young children.

This qualification meets Ofsted requirements for those working in early years settings and uses the criteria for effective paediatric first aid training found in Appendix 1 of The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Practice Guidance document.
The current EYFS statutory framework requires every organisation to have at least one person who has a current paediatric first aid certificate to be on the premises or on outings at all times when children are present.

Course Duration
2 days (minimum of 12 hours training time).

Course Content
According to EYFS guidance for effective paediatric training.
* Training is designed for workers caring for children in the absence of their parents
* Resuscitation and other equipment includes baby and junior models, as appropriate
* Training covers appropriate contents of a first aid box for babies and children
* Recording accidents and incidents
* Planning for first aid emergencies involving babies and children
* Dealing with emergencies involving babies and children
* Resuscitating babies and children
* Shock in babies and children
* Anaphylactic shock in babies and children
* Electric shock in babies and children
* Bleeding in babies and children
* Burns and scalds in babies and children
* Choking in babies and children
* Suspected fractures in babies and children
* Head, neck and back injuries in babies and children
* Poisoning in babies and children
* Foreign bodies in eyes, ears and noses of babies and children
* Eye injuries in babies and children
* Bites and stings in babies and children
* The effects of extreme heat and cold in babies and children
* Febrile convulsions in babies and children
* Emergency needs of babies and children with chronic medical conditions, including epilepsy, asthma, sickle cell anaemia and diabetes
* Responding appropriately to meningitis and other serious sudden illness

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Paediatric first aid.