Benefits of circus skills in schools

Spark Joy and Confidence: Unleash the Magic of Circus Skills for Kids

Looking for an activity that fosters fun, success, and valuable skills in your child? Look no further than circus skills! Here at Everything Awesome, we’ve crafted engaging lesson plans designed to ensure every child feels like a star.

We believe in inclusive learning, where participation for all is paramount. Our instructors create a welcoming environment where every child feels valued and encouraged, regardless of their skill level. This fosters a sense of belonging and sets the stage for them to shine.

Remember, the best lessons are the ones we remember fondly. By weaving circus skills into playful activities and joyous experiences, we create memories that last. The laughter, the challenge, and the sense of accomplishment – these are the ingredients that ignite a child’s passion for learning.

But the benefits go beyond pure fun. Circus skills are a gateway to a world of personal growth. As children juggle, balance, and spin, they develop essential skills like:

  • Confidence: Mastering new tricks builds self-belief and a “can-do” attitude.
  • Concentration: Focusing on the task at hand improves focus and mental discipline.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Juggling scarves or spinning plates enhances this crucial skill, leading to better dexterity and spatial awareness.
  • Discipline: Learning these skills requires practice and perseverance, instilling valuable life lessons about dedication and achieving goals.

At Everything Awesome, we believe in nurturing the whole child. Through the magic of circus skills, we help children blossom into confident, capable individuals. Let us spark their joy and ignite their potential!
Every child will walk away from the lesson feeling they learnt some new, and fun skills.

If your school is planning a summer fete, i can provide a Covent garden style show as well

A recent report on the BBC pointed to the possibility that juggling  helps increase some areas of the brain.   for the BBC Article