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A Peak District Doubleheader: From Sheffield Walls to Burbage Rain

This past Saturday unfolded as a thrilling doubleheader, taking me from the indoor climbing walls of Sheffield to the rugged beauty of the Peak District. It all began with an Adult Intro session at the Foundry Climbing Centre. Here, I had the pleasure of meeting five wonderful and enthusiastic individuals, all eager to embark on their climbing journeys. The session focused on equipping them with the fundamental skills needed to become safe and independent climbers. We delved into the art of knot tying, ensuring they could confidently secure themselves and their partners. The importance of proper belay technique was also a vital aspect of the session, as it forms the foundation of safe climbing practices.

After a rewarding morning spent empowering these new climbers, I hit the road with a renewed sense of excitement. My next stop was Burbage North, a legendary gritstone crag nestled within the Peak District National Park. Here, I was greeted by a lovely family celebrating an 11-year-old’s birthday in a truly unique way – a climbing adventure! Unfortunately, the weather gods didn’t seem to share in the celebratory spirit. As we began our ascent, the heavens opened, unleashing a relentless downpour.

Undeterred by the rain, spirits remained high. We embraced the challenge, and the climbing continued. Despite the less than ideal conditions, the birthday girl displayed remarkable determination and focus. It was truly inspiring to witness her enthusiasm for the sport, even amidst the downpour.

To add a touch of excitement and utilize the wet conditions, I decided to set up an abseil. This provided the family with a thrilling descent, adding a new element to their climbing experience. Despite the rain, it was clear they were having a fantastic time exploring the wonders of the Peak District.

Looking back, the day could only have been improved by one thing – cake and chicken legs! While the rain may have put a damper on the scenery, it certainly couldn’t dampen the celebratory spirit. Witnessing the joy and determination of these individuals, both at the climbing center and at Burbage North, served as a powerful reminder of the pure enjoyment climbing can bring. It was a day filled with learning, challenge, and a healthy dose of wet weather adventure!



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