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Two Weeks of Mountain Bike Magic at YDG (Despite the Weather!)

The past two weeks working at YDG have been an unforgettable adventure. While safeguarding regulations prevent me from sharing photos, I can’t wait to tell you about the incredible experience of coaching 200 fantastic 13-year-olds on their mountain biking journeys. Their passion for the sport was truly contagious, and their eagerness to learn made every session a rewarding experience.

The setting for our program was nothing short of ideal. Nestled within the grounds of Giggleswick School, we had access to a fantastic private facility. This provided the perfect environment for these young riders to develop their skills in a safe and controlled setting. The varied terrain offered a range of challenges, from smooth, winding paths to more technical sections that tested their balance and control.

However, the undeniable star of the show was the resilience of these young riders. Let’s face it, the recent UK weather has been, well, horrendous! We battled through rain, wind, and even the occasional downpour. But here’s the thing: these challenges never dampened their spirits. Every day, they woke up with an infectious enthusiasm, ready to conquer the trails whatever the conditions. Their unwavering determination was truly inspiring.

The way they embraced every obstacle as a learning opportunity was a testament to their positive attitude. Each session saw them pushing themselves further, their skills blossoming before our eyes. It was truly remarkable to witness their growth and development over such a short period. While I can’t share pictures, let me paint a picture with words: imagine the look of pure joy on their faces as they mastered a tricky section of trail for the first time. Imagine the camaraderie and encouragement they offered each other as they navigated the challenges together. And finally, imagine the overwhelming sense of accomplishment radiating from them at the end of each day, knowing they had pushed their limits and emerged stronger.

These past two weeks were a powerful demonstration of the impact perseverance, teamwork, and a genuine love for a sport can have. These young riders didn’t just hone their mountain biking skills; they learned valuable life lessons about facing challenges head-on, supporting one another, and never giving up. Their positive attitude and unwavering determination are an inspiration to all. The future of mountain biking looks incredibly bright with this enthusiastic and talented group leading the way. I have no doubt that they will continue to develop their skills and passion for the sport, leaving their mark on the world of mountain biking for years to come.

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