Getting Wet

Another session with Dan at DC Outdoors

This past afternoon, Everything Awesome had the pleasure of spending some quality time with Dan on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) adventure in Sheffield. We met at the bustling Victoria Quays, a vibrant hub on the city’s canal network. After a quick gear check and a good 30 minutes spent refreshing our paddling memories (it’s amazing how quickly those skills can fade!), we were finally ready to set off on our journey.

The afternoon unfolded into a delightful exploration as we paddled for roughly 5 kilometers along the picturesque canals. With the sun casting a warm glow on the water, it was the perfect setting for a relaxing yet rewarding afternoon. The highlight of the trip, however, came in the form of new skills learned. Dan, a patient and encouraging instructor, introduced me to the art of paddling sideways. This maneuver, while seemingly simple, adds a whole new dimension to navigating a SUP. We also tackled the challenge of maintaining a straight course while paddling on just one side, a skill that requires finesse and core strength.

As the afternoon progressed, it was time to put theory into practice in a rather unexpected way: personal rescue training. This involved, somewhat counterintuitively, starting in a state of perfect balance and dryness. However, the fun twist came with the deliberate plan to take a tumble into the cool canal waters. Now, let me tell you, this “controlled chaos” came with a valuable lesson – my clothes were ridiculously heavy when wet!

While the initial shock of the cold water might have been a tad surprising, it certainly served as a powerful reminder of the importance of proper gear. So, guess what tomorrow holds? You guessed it – a wetsuit purchase is officially on the agenda! This experience highlighted the importance of appropriate attire for water sports, especially when venturing out on open water.

Looking back, the afternoon was a perfect blend of learning, laughter, and a little bit of getting soaked. It was a fantastic way to explore the city from a unique perspective and reconnect with a fun outdoor activity. With a renewed appreciation for the importance of proper gear and a newfound confidence in my paddling skills, I can’t wait for my next adventure on the water!

Everything Awesome with DC Outdoors SUP.



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